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Sponsorship Opportunities


TRRC is a successful club with a very varied membership and a long, rich history. As a voluntary organisation we depend on grants, member contributions (both monetary and in kind) and sponsors and we are very thankful to all our sponsors and supporters. Your ongoing support has nurtured our club and encouraged more people to start gig rowing.

Gig rowing has a long tradition in the Southwest and it's a fast-growing sport that has grown from a regional sport to one that now has a significant international base. As a sponsor, you would be associated with a popular, healthy and traditional activity, and with regatta attendance sometimes reaching into the 1000's it can give great regional exposure to a wide audience.

Amongst the sponsorship opportunities are the following options: 

  • Advertising on trailers, gig covers or the website​

  • TRRC regatta sponsorship

  • Sponsoring of club kit

  • Sponsorship tailored to a specific crew or the entire club

Gold Sponsors

The current Men's A and B crew kit is sponsored by Greenover Sports and Mad Water Sports


Silver Sponsors


Bridal wear seamstress specialist Oriole Alterations kindly contributed to a new set of men's racing oars.

Framehomes logo

Framehomes advertise on our trailers and kindly provided building materials for refurbishment of our oar storage box on Loe Beach.

Pendennis shipyard

Pendennis Shipyard kindly offered up the services of their apprentices during the 2020 National Apprenticeship Week. This enabled us to carry out a major refurbishment of Messack, far beyond what our volunteers could have achieved.


Singer and club member Tom Cary kindly contributed to the purchase of a new set of men's racing oars.

Allium Environmental

Allium Environmental kindly contributed to the purchase of a new set of men's racing oars.

Community Engagement


Aside from providing a healthy activity to a wide range of members, we also try to engage with the local community. 

Our most recent community engagement project was fund-raising for a defibrillator at Loe Beach. This was triggered by a medical emergency near Loe beach in June 2019 on the same day as our annual regatta (though unrelated to our actual event). Fortunately, on this occasion there was a defibrillator nearby and this was used to great effect, with the casualty making a full recovery. The Club had 18 other Gig Clubs attending our regatta at Loe Beach, of all ages, and with the access to the beach being so very limited, it was certainly food for thought. It was later during the ‘off season’ that the Club approached the business proprietors and the beach owner and suggested fundraising for a Defibrillator for the beach, this was set up, and on New Years Day, we had our first fundraising event for the cause, this was well attended and the target was reached in early 2020. Efforts are currently underway to install the defibrillator on the beach, with 24/7 access should any beach user need emergency treatment. 



We have several fundraising initiatives looking for your support right now. 


Using Easyfundraising is just about the simplest way to raise money for your good cause. It turns your everyday online shopping into donations for your good cause, at no cost to you. How? Just visit your favourite retailers through our website and the shop as normal. Once you’ve made a purchase the retailer will then make a small donation to your cause to say “thank you”.

We are always grateful for donations, and after our transition to charity status is completed we will set up a Justgiving page to help you help us. 

Local Community
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